XM: A save bet as a broker for south african Traders?

The XM group is one of the leading commodity and forex traders today. It offers excellent features that cover Forex, CFDs, commodities and more. This broker offers no rejection or requote of orders. There are no commissions or hidden fees in XM Group. Traders and clients have assurance that all orders would be executed right away.

The XM Group was established in 2009 and is under the Cyprus exchange and securities commission. Clients have a guarantee of fast and excellent deals. The XM Group offers 1:30 leverage in the forex industry. It has 100 financial tools and 60 currencies Clients have access to these currencies via phone or online.

Clients can put their trust XM Group due to its limitless deposit. Traders can also gain the 8 platforms of the broker.


  • XM has an excellent leverage of 1:30

  • The broker offers a fast deposit and withdrawal process

  • There are no requotes or hidden charges

  • It provides a 24 Support service

Trading Platforms

The XM broker offers clients a real account and a demo account for trading. They can use the accounts in the 8 trading platforms. These give them a reliable access to the market industry and enable them to make orders. The trading platforms make it flexible and fast for traders to order or make trade. They can use the demo and real accounts with ease anytime.

They also have a chance to achieve their trading goals. Hence, a successful trading would be the result.

Type of Accounts

XM offers reliability and fast trading options to traders. It’s due to the accounts the broker offers. These accounts are the real and demo accounts. Each of the accounts gives fast and excellent trading results for the traders.

A speedy trading operation is one of the keys in order for the traders to have success with their goals. How? They can manage their accounts in a fast and reliable way. The demo account for example, assures that the trader has excellent understanding of his or her account. There’s a reason to expect that excellent trading is possible.

The MetaTrader 4 platform assures the traders have variety of real and demo accounts they can use. The accounts are supported so they’re secure in managing and using their accounts.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The deposit options under XM are processed through Master Cards, credit or debit cards and more. Customers can expect a fast and accessible trading in using their accounts. There’s a sure way for them to achieve their trading goals through the deposit options. Here, there are no commissions or hidden fees that traders need to worry.

When it comes to the withdrawal process, XM offers an easy transfer of cash. The traders can achieve this through the payment options by XM. The withdrawal process takes in a single day so they can expect satisfaction in making withdrawals.

The accounts funding options are in a 24/7 basis. Yes, merchants have a sure way of managing their accounts in an accurate and precise basis. It enables them to reach their goals when it comes to trade.

Spreads and Leverage

The leverage under the XM Group is 1:30 that’s unique in the Forex industry. It offers a pair of 60 currencies and 100 tools. These makes the trading a success at all times. Customers can expect a fast and reliable management of their accounts. Clients also have an advantage in their trade online. Besides, the traders would have an excellent way in using the platform. Plus, both the deposit and withdrawal options are excellent.

The Support

The XM Group offers a team of excellent account managers. They’re always ready to serve you in the best way they could. The manager has knowledge and understanding of the real and the demo accounts. They’re willing to accept calls and inquiries in a 24/7 basis. Traders have an assurance of excellent service in the best way.


  • The XM Group has excellent platforms such as MT4, MT5 and more. It assures a flexible and fast trading options

  • It offers a fast deposit and withdrawal options that makes trading excellent and reliable


  • Some customers want more support when it comes to trade and account management


XM Group offers a great way for clients to maximize their trading options. Clients always have a guarantee of achieving success they dream to have. Als